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The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is meant to help you, a group of friends, or family – all of us, really – explore the “life that is truly life” — and find it, together. 


About the Daily Dose

The Life that is truly Life.

Welcome to the Daily Dose, a short daily email thought from Jeff Bethke, Pastor Joel Searby and the American Awakening team meant to help us seek the life that is truly life — and find it, together. Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this.

Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this. It’s our prayer, and our belief, that as you engage in healthy daily rhythms, you’ll find freedom and encouragement as you walk a pathway to a radical togetherness that our nation and our world so desperately need right now.

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drop anchor

Last time I went fishing in the gulf of Mexico - just off one of my favorite little towns, Cedar...

a prayer for peace

O God, let me be the peace I desire to see in the world today. Let it begin in my own heart,...

great is thy faithfulness

Whether you like it or not, today is a new day. This truth, like many others, gets so easily lost...

light bursting forth

This is one of my favorite descriptions of God: "the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God,...

supernatural kindness

God gives us the type of kindness that we don’t deserve. The Bible could not be more clear about...


My wife has superpowers. She can, with a word, phrase or even a look, completely change my mood. I...

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