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The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is meant to help you, a group of friends, or family – all of us, really – explore the “life that is truly life” — and find it, together. 


About the Daily Dose

The Life that is truly Life.

Welcome to the Daily Dose, a short daily email thought from Jeff Bethke, Pastor Joel Searby and the American Awakening team meant to help us seek the life that is truly life — and find it, together. Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this.

Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this. It’s our prayer, and our belief, that as you engage in healthy daily rhythms, you’ll find freedom and encouragement as you walk a pathway to a radical togetherness that our nation and our world so desperately need right now.

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The Latest Dose

monday got you down?

Mondays are hard for a reason: they are stark reminders for many of us that, though the Sabbath...

work that’s worth it

When I have wronged someone, or they have wronged me, my tendency is first to withdraw. Now, I...

call me

Calling. This is a very Christian word. It’s used often like this: “I want to spend my life and...

who’s story?

We're all living out of a certain storyline. We may not always realize it, but we are deeply...

me supremacy

There’s a lot of talk about supremacy lately. Here’s one definition: “the state or condition of...

can you live it?

Last night I attended a prayer walk hosted by the ministerial alliance in my small town of...

life’s hard. now what?

Each Friday we're taking a theme from our upcoming book, American Awakening: Eight Principles to...

a few hours

“If I think I need three hours of Jesus, I probably need more.” My friend Natasha said this to me...

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