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The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is meant to help you, a group of friends, or family – all of us, really – explore the “life that is truly life” — and find it, together. 


About the Daily Dose

The Life that is truly Life.

Welcome to the Daily Dose, a short daily email thought from Jeff Bethke, Pastor Joel Searby and the American Awakening team meant to help us seek the life that is truly life — and find it, together. Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this.

Now more than ever, we need creative, concrete ways to do this. It’s our prayer, and our belief, that as you engage in healthy daily rhythms, you’ll find freedom and encouragement as you walk a pathway to a radical togetherness that our nation and our world so desperately need right now.

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The Latest Dose

A church in shambles?

It is a strange time. A deeply challenging time for so many. Yet in every crisis and challenge...

Warm, Crusty, Delicious

My wife and I lived in Chile when we first got married. Next to the Chilean people, my favorite...

Down but not out

Most mornings I wake up desperate for God. There’s many types of desperation. We can be desperate...

It’s ok to doubt

As we face another week in the strange reality of a completely changed world due to a virus, it...

A prayer to see

“Praise the Lord...for great is His love for us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”...

Throw in the anchor

I live near the Gulf of Mexico and have, on occasion, gone fishing. My friend’s boat, a small one,...

Don’t cut yourself

Next to our house is a daylily farm. They are blooming right now in all their incredible diversity...

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