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drop anchor

Last time I went fishing in the gulf of Mexico – just off one of my favorite little towns, Cedar Key – we caught a LOT of trout. We found a great spot where they were really biting, dropped in the anchor and caught our limit. It was wonderful and they were delicious on the grill. Does this feel like a strange lead-in on the day after the election when we don’t yet know the results? Let me explain.

When you’re in a boat, just kind of drifting around and throwing your line in, you’re not sure you’ll catch anything. In the gulf, the waves and wind will move you around a lot. But once you start catching some fish, if you’ve found a good spot, you want to stay there. That’s when you throw in the anchor.

Now, here’s an interesting thing about an anchor. It doesn’t keep you in exactly the same spot. The boat will still move around, tethered to the length of the anchor chain. But you’ll stay in the same vicinity – and that’s where you want to be because you know you’re catching fish.

On a day when a lot might feel up in the air and uncertain, remember, we know where to throw our anchor. We know where God shows up and speaks and leads us. It’s not on social media, in the news or in our vices. No, God speaks to us in his word, in prayer, in meditation, in the quiet, in loving community, in worship, in nature.

So if you’re feeling unmoored, drifting, drop the anchor where you know God is, and stay there. You may still rock and sway a little – but you will not move too far.

Grace and Peace,







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