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a prayer for peace

O God, let me be the peace I desire to see in the world today.

Let it begin in my own heart, abiding in yours.

As we encounter those with whom we don’t agree today, fill us with love and compassion – for that is what you have for us.

As we read and watch and process news, let us never forget your faithfulness and sovereignty.

If we have the occasion to be physical instruments of peace in a tense situation, by your Spirit help us to live it out.

And over all this, let us put on love. Let us truly love everyone we see today – remembering that though by our sin we had become your enemies, you gave us your love in its fullness – your whole self, unto death.

We rejoice that you did not stay dead, but defeated death once and for all. And in this, we know that we too can have life, and life abundant, no matter the circumstances around us.

Thank you, God, for your great love.




Grace and Peace to you on this election day, 2020,







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