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quiet moments, beers at sunset

Standing in the kitchen just before I go upstairs for bed, the house is quiet and the day is done. Only one dim light still burns. And there’s a pause – a short moment of recognition that I have a roof over my head, coffee ready to brew in the morning, a bed to sleep in with a wife who loves me, children who are healthy. I don’t live in a constant state of thankfulness like maybe I should. But in those moments, standing there quietly in the kitchen, I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness. It doesn’t happen every day. But probably at least one night a week.

I feel it also after a hard day of physical labor, standing by my shed, looking out toward the sunset, beer in hand. The sense of satisfaction at my own work melts into the realization that it’s all been a gracious gift of God – my physical health, the provision of work, the colors of the sunset, the natural flavors in the beer. I produced none of this. It’s pure gift.

These are the small moments each week which remind me of the goodness of God. But they’re not the churchy things you might expect me to say. No, for me, I most deeply sense God’s love and goodness in fleeting bits. Some of them are recurring. But they are, added up, a powerful reminder that God loves me – and He is faithful.

What are your moments? Maybe you didn’t realize they were a reminder of God’s goodness. But think about it. When in the last week have you exhaled deeply, or smiled sweetly, or just stood silently and felt a sense of peace? This is God’s love, reaching down to remind us of His goodness and care for us.

Take heart today – and lean into the goodness of God. As the popular and beautiful Bethel song says, “your goodness is running after me.” Thanks be to God – that he doesn’t leave us to create our own goodness – but gives it to us as a gift of his great love.

Grace and Peace,







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