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My wife has superpowers. She can, with a word, phrase or even a look, completely change my mood. I can be having a great day and then we have a two minute interaction that doesn’t go well and my great day is derailed. Ok, so maybe it’s not a superpower. Maybe it’s just my fragile ego and my own insecurities. But do you know the feeling of something ruining your day? I mean one of those times where the day is generally a good one, or even a great one – but something happens that just casts a cloud over everything. It doesn’t take much.

It is a truth of life on this earth that moments have power. Small things have power. When we allow the bad ones to derail our day, it is completely understandable. Though humans are amazing creatures, made in God’s image, we are remarkably fragile too. Our minds, spirits and bodies are susceptible to wild swings of mood and behavior. I hate this about us – and I believe it comes straight from hell. We are not actually created to be this way. But in the fall, with the presence of sin and brokenness in the world, it is all around us.

Thankfully, though, this doesn’t mean there’s no hope or that life is doomed to be lived as a rollercoaster of changing emotions. I am learning more and more that life which “keeps in step with the Spirit” is often about learning, in those hard moments, to pause and cry out to God. To ask the Holy Spirit to intervene in those moments, however powerful they may seem, and reel us back in. Our wholeness, joy and peace is His end game. He desires to see us flourishing.

So next time you find yourself in a moment that threatens your peace – cry out to God. Submit to his love. Recognize there’s probably some broken place in you that the evil one is exploiting. Take a deep breath, pray, and keep going. God loves you and the true superpower is his alone.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel






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