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who’s story?

We’re all living out of a certain storyline. We may not always realize it, but we are deeply influenced by the “narratives” we subscribe to. Another way to think about this is to ask, “what do I believe is happening in the world?” If I allow the one told by the media, no matter which media outlets including social media, to primarily influence me, then everything is bleak and awful and angry and divided. It would be hard to define a positive, redemptive narrative from any media.

There are elements of truth in most media narratives. But they rarely include key elements of the much larger truths we, as people of faith, believe. The way we piece the story together, and the direction we believe the world is heading matters a lot.

God’s narrative is, I believe, the one upon which we can build our lives. Anything else is, like the parable Jesus told, building a house on sand instead of on a rock. His story, as told to us through scripture, his people and history, is the true story.

So this morning, I choose to see the ways that God is redeeming and renewing, because that is the storyline. Sometimes there is straightforward joy and blessing. But at least part of this story of redemption requires great trial and difficulty. Yet He is doing it, both in our lives and in our cultures. If we will have eyes to see it, and listen to His narrative, the long arc of redemption, love and the making new of all things, then we will find hope to endure for the tough times and joy to rest in the peaceful ones.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

A healthy and united America is truly possible… and it starts with us. John Kingston draws on wisdom from history, science, faith and culture, along with his own experiences, to offer eight principles for discovering purpose, meaning and true community.

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