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The Alliance

An American Awakening initiative, The Alliance is an association of Christian organizations focused on confronting issues of polarization and racial tension.


About the ALLIANCE

Next to the love of God, the love of our neighbor is a central command demanded by Jesus of his followers.

In the New Testament, a line is drawn between the two ethical mandates when the suggestion is made that if a person says they love God, whom they have not seen, and does not love their brother or sister who is with them, they are a liar, and the truth does not dwell in them (I John 4:20).

Many within the Body of Christ share a sense of unease around the Church’s captivity to the ways and means of worldly power, lamenting of the ways in which we have failed to live up to the second great commandment to, “love your neighbor as yourself.” The impact of this toxic and polarizing virus of incivility and non-love is impacting our witness and standing in the community as bearers of the Good News and representatives of the transforming power of Jesus.

To assist Churches and other faith institutions in overcoming racial and political division, while also leading to orient their community back to loving without alienation, “The Alliance” was formed, bringing together some of America’s leading ministries focused on these issues.

The Alliance member ministries themselves are each unique training ministries who seek to guide faith communities in seizing the opportunity to love like Jesus and assist churches in serving as reconciling leaders in their communities. Each Alliance member is distinguished by a strong track record of helping congregations realize transformative success in loving their neighbor.


The Alliance is hosted by Steve Haas. Each of the ministries above represent Alliance member organizations. We encourage you to visit their sites to learn more about the important work they are doing to heal the divisions in our country.

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