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The Daily Dose!

Thank you for joining us for a Daily Dose of light and hope from your friends at the American Awakening

Let’s be honest – this is a tough time. During tough times, we all do things to cope. Some of those things can be destructive. A hit to numb the pain. But what if there was another way? Here’s our desire for you: instead of just coping, we find and live the life that is truly life – together.

Instead of numbing the pain, we hope to journey toward life, together. In each Daily Dose you’ll get a short bit of something to chew on – a thought, prayer, scripture, song lyric, recipe, idea, link – all designed to help ground your day in the “life that is truly life.

My name is Joel Searby and I’ll be your guide through these daily doses of life and light along with my friend Jeff Bethke. Some people refer to me as “Pastor Joel,” though it always sounds just a tad awkward to me. You may know Jeff from his awesome youtube channel, his books or his mega viral video “Why I hate religion but love Jesus.” We’re Jesus followers. Part of a group of diverse folks who come from lots of perspectives – but with Jesus at the center. 

We hope you’ll follow us on social media (JoelJeff), listen to our daily show, Signs of Life and share what inspires you. You can also reach out to us for prayer and encouragement. More than anything, we hope you’ll experience freedom, joy and radical togetherness in these trying times.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel & Jeff


Joel Searby

Jeff Bethke

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