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that woman with seven demons

According to Luke chapter eight, verse two, Mary Magdalene had been delivered from seven demons. Do you know anyone who has been delivered from seven demons? This got me thinking about our modern and post-modern sensibilities and wondering if we’re missing a huge part of what is going on in the world and in our lives by mostly ignoring the possibility of the supernatural realm.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’re supposed to be looking for and blaming demons and “unclean spirits” for every evil and ill in the world, necessarily. But I do think, as someone who highly values scripture and especially the words and life of Jesus himself that we’re probably missing some pretty important stuff if we’re ignoring the possibility that there remains a very real realm of spiritual battle. Was Jesus just making this stuff up? Did Luke invent a story about an entire legion of demons being cast into pigs and the man who was possessed becoming free and restored to his right mind? There’s many more stories like this one.

So what can we do? Let me suggest that we first simply entertain the possibility that we need to be more aware, and more equipped, for the very real spiritual battles that are raging around us. This means daily prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to help us see what we need to see. This means evoking the audible name of Jesus against unclean spirits and casting them out of our lives, loved ones and homes. I’ve made this a regular practice and it has made a difference in very real ways.

Be not afraid – Jesus is vastly more powerful than any evil spirit. Trust him and let him lead as you go into battle. But next time a relationship or situation seems irrationally or especially strange, evil and wrong – pray first. Ask God to illuminate the situation. Speak  against any unclean spirits and send them away in the name of Jesus.

Let’s not allow our skepticism and uncertainty to rob us of our joy, peace and freedom when we possess the most powerful weapon against the darkness there ever was or could be – the living, risen Lord: Jesus Christ.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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