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share your burdens. seriously. tell your friends.

People can be mean. Life can be hard. Our spirits can be crushed and bruised and suffering. We need not take this alone.

The community of God is meant to be a real, authentic, honest group of people who are, together, seeking after the way of Jesus. This requires that we share what is burdening us with those closest to us.

So today, the call is simple: share your burdens. Text, call or meet up with a close friend or a few and be brave enough to share something that is bothering you. Watch how God will use even just the act of sharing to help heal you and bring peace. Be ready to listen to your friends too – and ask them hard questions that will elicit real answers.

God has given us a model for life together – we just have to live it.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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