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put your socks on

I sat down last night around 7:00 to put my socks and shoes on. I was exhausted and wanted to be done for the day. Instead, I had a physical chore that needed to get done and couldn’t wait until morning. As I bent over pulling my sock on I was thinking of slaves. Though I’ll never know anything remotely like the life they lived, it dawned on me that I was getting myself ready to work, slowly, in exhaustion, only because I knew I had no other choice. The task had to be done last night.

What must it be like to have no choice but to pull on your shoes and go back to work? I sat in meditation about the privileges I enjoy and thanked God. But the lesson I was learning unfolded later. You see, whenever we come to a moment just before a simple but consequential decision to keep going or stop, there is a temptation to find a way out. To procrastinate or give up rather than persevere. It’s in those little moments, when we choose to press on, that something gets unlocked that we can’t see.

I don’t believe God punishes us when we don’t persevere, though we may have to live with the consequences. But it does seem that there is something to our decisions and God has unique blessings when we keep going. You see, as the night unfolded I ended up having a rich conversation with two friends about legacy, history and family. I had no idea I was even going to see them. I wouldn’t have if I’d chosen to put off the chore. But in the course of putting my shoes on, getting in my truck and doing the thing that needed to be done, a blessing unfolded.

As we wrap up the week, whatever you’re unsure or weary about, just do the next little thing in faithfulness. That’s perseverance. And God honors it. I promise you.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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