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new mercy

I mentioned the story of the Good Samaritan yesterday. In reflecting further on that story I realized that I have been each character at some point in my life.

Sometimes, I’ve been the priest and the levite – religious to a fault, unconcerned for the hurting, too busy to stop and help someone – literally or figuratively.

Sometimes I’m the Samaritan and I do the thing God most desires and help the hurting.

Other times, I’m the beaten man on the side of the road, hurting and in need.

Still others, and most troubling, I’m the robbers who beat him.

Wherever we find ourselves in the story, I have found that somehow, miraculously and in his infinite grace, Jesus will meet us there if we want him to. Of course he desires for us to be the Samaritan – giving mercy freely. And that is where the Holy Spirit will lead us as we grow. But even when we blow it, Jesus is for us. Our sins crucified him, to be sure. But his death and resurrection save us. No matter where you find yourself today, run to Jesus. Cry out. Thank him.

Though our mercies may sometimes be in short order, his never fail and they are new every morning.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel






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