Available for order now! American Awakening: 8 Principles to Restore the Soul of America.     

Campaign for the Soul of America

We are committed to slaying the giant of death and despair in this American moment.

We’re all made for purpose, meaning and significance.

We are meant to live in community – as friends not enemies.




Everyday, American Awakening will host a 30-minute Podcast and Livestream show featuring the immediate, the real, the now.


Coupling ancient principles with new scientific research, we offer very practical advice on love, friendship, and work that can transform your life – and maybe even that of our culture and nation.


Assembling national leaders to wrestle with the unique darkness of this American moment, and the incredible opportunity to unite to bring about change.

There is no them. There is only US.

We will use any means available to us—leading first with podcasts, livestream videos, devotionals, books, film, music, and immersive entertainment experiences—to break through the darkness and advance this Movement.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with partners in this work across the land, uniting with anyone to do what is right, and no one to do wrong.

No division, no divide. We are Black, White, Latino, and Asian. Democratic, Republican, Independent, and Green.

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