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get over yourself

This week we’re exploring the connection between our emotional, mental, spiritual health and living in relationships. Science has looked at this question from many angles, each re-affirming what we all know innately: we are better together. Better with at least a few other folks in our lives who really know us and love us. 

The problem is, we are so dang self-centered. It’s the dark side of our nature. And the great paradox is that when we focus on getting only our needs met, we become miserable, and make those around us miserable. We drive them away and create barriers to the intimacy we so desperately need. I know, I’ve lived it. 

But when we give ourselves away in healthy ways – laying down our constant priorities and desires to love and serve others – we find our deepest life. This is truly the upside down way of God’s economy. So today, let’s ask God to help us love others:


Lord, help us discover or rediscover today a simple heart for people. To hear their stories, to listen, to encourage, to ask great questions, to serve them, to pray for them. We desperately need your help in this as focusing on others is not our first instinct. We ask for the filling of your Spirit to lead us into this place of loving others. 

Show us what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus in these ways – to love others as he loved. Teach us how to live out the words we say, think and pray in the most basic of actual, in-the-flesh ways as we interact with grocery and gas station clerks, neighbors, teachers, friends, spouses, children. Give us fresh vision today for purpose and love, up close and in “real life” – and may that produce a fruit of revival in our nation. 

Lord, have your way. We cannot make our own way in any kind of truly life-giving fashion if you’re not leading us. We don’t want a season of pursuing our wants and needs devoid of your calling. Please reveal to us your direction for us, even just for today. The daily bread of how and with whom we should interact – today. Not our will but yours be done. Amen.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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