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do we really want a king?

On and off throughout history, God’s people have longed for a “king.” Before Jesus, in the days of the judges, we kept asking for a king like the other nations. Well, we got one – and he ended up becoming corrupt and crazy – that was Saul. From that time through Jesus, we’ve been ruled by various kings – many of them conquering kings from other nations. Of course, there were notable examples of “good” kings – David and Solomon among them – but they certainly had their deep flaws, and perpetrated great evil. None of them were perfect, and some of them were awful.

Enter Jesus, who proclaimed the good news that a new kind of kingdom, with a new kind of king, was here. We believe, as Christians, that Jesus is king. That means he is in charge. And he’s the only perfect king ever – powerful and loving, just and compassionate, holy and approachable. The good news is that there’s a new kind of kingdom and a new kind of King who leads us to the life that is truly life.

Yet from Jesus through today, we’ve continued clamoring for a different kind of king – and giving them our loyalty. Jesus didn’t establish his kingdom by military force, legislative rule or democratic elections. His is a different kind of kingdom – defined first and foremost by love of God and love of one another. Its a way of life that leads to flourishing, flowing from the throne of the king. But so often we don’t seem to want that kind of kingdom. We’d prefer power and rule – to get what we think we want – and we always end up without what we truly need.

So as we contemplate and pray for the kingdom on Earth as in Heaven – right now – let us remember who the true King is, where our ultimate loyalty lies and what it means to follow his way. In him, after all, is where we will find true life. No election will ever give us that.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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