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breaking cycles

Jonathan McReynolds has a great song called Cycles that sings openly and honestly about the cycles in our lives that trap us. He begins:

Didn’t I conquer this last year?

Tell me what I missed ’cause I fear

That it’s coming back up again

Jonathan talks about the ways the devil uses his schemes to keep us in cycles of unhealth, knowing it holds us back. He even works in a basketball reference, which I love:

The devil wants to extend the game, free throws

And when it ends he wants to make the sequel

‘Cause if he has another chance

He feels like he can take

My joy, my peace, my faith

How often do the cycles in our lives steal our joy, our peace, our faith? And we feel trapped. But Jonathan also offers us timeless truth about how, in the power of Jesus, we can break cycles. It’s not easy and in my experience it doesn’t always happen instantaneously – though I’ve seen that happen too. But listen to the hope!

Ooh, so Lord, help me

Be free from all of my past sins

See, Your love is enough

To make me new

And help me in these cycles

See, there is power in the name of Jesus

To break every cycle, to break every cycle

So if you’re in a cycle you want to break, speak the power of Jesus over them – ask for his help – and keep pressing into his love. God loves you and he desires, as he always has, for his people to be free.

Listen to Jonathan here!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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