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#ActionWednesday: Set Someone Free

We’ve been chatting a lot about freedom this week. And rightly so! It’s what Jesus said He came to bring. And Paul even says, it is for freedom Christ has set us free.

But think of the movie example of being tied up in a prison or cell. What’s, hopefully, the first thing you do when you get loose or untied?

If there are other people or friends in the room with you, you hopefully untie them as well!

How selfish or self-absorbed would it be to walk right by the other people who are also tied up? In some ways, that would almost negate our own freedom and steal its power and joy.

No. We know there is something better. We know we are set free, to do something. And that is to set others free.

We are not set free to be free for no reason.

We are set free to let that freedom ripple from us and into the world and those around us.

And so that’s the challenge (and encouragement!) for you today. How are you going to use your freedom? 

In this current moment as a culture I think there’s no better time. There’s all kinds of people tied up.

Tied up in fear. Tied up financially. Tied up with physical ailments. Tied up with anxiety. Tied up with a life that is drowning in the crazy disruption of school, job, and more.

You can step in that gap. You can be a small part of bringing freedom to someone today. And sometimes it only needs to be small! We all know sometimes all it takes is a small crack in something large and strong, for it to then lose it’s power and begin to break more and more. Bringing freedom to others is the ultimate snowball effect.

So we’re declaring today Freedom Wednesday! Here’s just a few quick ideas for how you can help set someone free today:

1 – Find someone in your community who has a pressing tangible need right now that you already have the solution to — your extra car being borrowed for a few days, mowing their lawn for the next few months because they are immobile, drop off bag of groceries, run an errand. Get creative. But do it!

2 – Write a letter, make a phone call, or send a few texts to those you know are probably struggling through isolation and loneliness right now — the elderly, those in the local jail, single people living alone. Love sets people free more than anything else.

3 – Join with 4 or 5 others and pool your money to pay off a small but significant debt that is keeping someone you know bound. Gather up these 4 or 5 friends or families, make the need known and make the ask. Pool the money then send it right away with a message of God’s love for them. You’ll be amazed what God can do with these types of Jubilee stories.

4 – Not sure how to find the needs? You can go to showupnow.com and find small super practical financial needs people need help with (diapers, food, etc) and also say a prayer for them they can read.

5 – Come up with your own ideas and let us know how it goes!

Share your #ActionWednesday stories on social and tag us on insta, facebook or twitter – or reply to this email so we can hear all the great ways God is using you to set others free!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel & Jeff

Joel Searby


Jeff Bethke

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