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Action Wednesday – get to know someone

We will never live in radical togetherness until we take the time to truly know those who are not like us.

Today is #ActionWednesday here at the American Awakening and we’re making it really simple, but, we hope, profound. Take a few minutes right now to identify someone in your life who is very different from you that you think you should maybe get to know better. Keep in mind that just having a different skin color isn’t always the most radical difference. Political views that are different might be some of the toughest right now. But also those who are wealthier or poorer than you. Those who have different views on sexuality. Those whose lifestyles are nothing like yours.

Now that you have that person in mind, here’s your action step – and we’ve made it easy –  call, text or email them with the following script:

Hey friend!

I follow this thing called the American Awakening that has a podcast, daily show, email devotional and some other stuff. This week they challenged us to reach out to someone not like us and get to know them a little with this script.

So, here goes:

Three things I see as different about us is…..

But I also see three things that we share in common which are…..

Finally, I want to get to know you a little more. Would you reply with your three of each above? And also answer these three simple questions?

What’s your favorite meal?
Where are you excited to go when Corona is gone or its safe again?
Who is one of your heroes?

Thanks for sharing – I hope we can stay in touch and get to know one another better!

We can’t WAIT to hear you share these stories! Once you do it, if you’re willing, forward them to us at info@americanawakening.us – or post them online and tag our instagram or facebook and use the hashtag #RadicalUs. Let’s go!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel & Jeff


Joel Searby









Jeff Bethke

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