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a day without screens?

We’ve spent this week’s Daily Dose talking about what we put in our hearts, and what we need to take out. But as we approach the weekend I want to wrap up with one more angle. This time, I want to look at what we leave out altogether, for a purpose.

There are certainly some things we need to avoid ever letting into our hearts and minds. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about sabbath. About rest. About intentionally leaving things out of our lives, for a season or a day, for a specific purpose. When we rest, leaving out work, we are making space for God to do his restoring work in our bodies and minds. When we take a break from certain things, perhaps the most important modern take on sabbath, we give our emotions and hearts time to rest and repair.

We live in a highly digital world never imagined by the writers of scripture. But their principles are timeless. God knew. There will always be things we humans need to disconnect from, even if for a day, that are not necessarily evil, but have a tendency to become idols, distractions and medication. 

This weekend, at least for one whole day, consider resting from technology. I’m not perfect at it – but our family does endeavor to do it on Sundays – a screen free day from sun-up to sundown. It does our souls and our relationships good. When we leave out something we’re so used to, it opens spaces in our heart that some of us never knew existed. And into that space, when we invite him, God can enter, and bring restoration.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Joel

Joel Searby

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